How Do We React When God Turns a Blind Eye?

As part of the Welcome to My World challenge, I am first answering this week’s question:

What book (paperback or ebook) would you recommend to your readers this week?

I am a keen reader of legal dramas so my present reading material is ‘A Time for Mercy’ by John Grisham. A gripping courtroom drama.

However for those who are following this series of studies in Habakkuk I would recommend you read the whole of this prophecy in a modern English translation, perhaps The Message by Eugene Peterson. This has all the makings of a gripping courtroom drama. 

Habakkuk 1:10 CEV

‘They make fun of rulers and laugh at fortresses, while building dirt mounds so they can capture cities.’

  • Did God allow Covid-19 as a means of His justice upon a sinful world, in much the same way as the Chaldeans were about to punish sinful Judah?  This is what some believe, what do you think?

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Has God turned a blind eye?

Image by fernando zhiminaicela from Pixabay

We live in a world where we see the wicked prospering while many of God’s people are suffering. Many ask what is the point of serving a God who seems to turn a blind eye to His people and allows the ungodly to benefit from their evil practices while the righteous battle to make ends meet?

  • How might you respond to someone who says there is no point in being a Christian when God allows the wicked to get off scot-free?

God works according to His timetable, not ours. When He does, He often chooses ways we do not expect. Even when He does the unexpected, it is for both His glory and our good (Romans. 8:28).

Why did God allow COVID-19?

  • If the coronavirus is not God’s means of punishing mankind’s sins, why then did God allow the world to become locked down by the pandemic? What are your thoughts?

Some believe that the virus is yet another clear sign that the end of the world is near. How do you feel about that idea?

Is it perhaps God’s means of pruning Christians and His church. After all, as believers, we can no longer worship regularly in large numbers at will. Has that harmed your faith or has it forced you to find spiritual feeding elsewhere?

The church certainly has had to rethink its means of getting the gospel out. Via the internet, the message is being beamed worldwide. In Mark’s gospel we read,“The good news has to be preached to all nations before the end comes.” (Mark 13:10 NIrV) Was this what God had in mind?

  • Is God perhaps using this time of lockdown to prune you personally for better service? 

The Chaldean menace

The Chaldean army advanced, scornful of the opposition. They piled rubble and dirt up against fortresses and city walls as ramps to gain entry. Walls or fortresses were no problem to them. When they finally departed they left cities and villages as piles of rubble.

The ruthless Chaldean army desecrated Judah and took many of its residents captive. Had He turned a blind eye on His people?

  • How would you answer those who claim that God is a God of love so He will not send anyone to hell?

Habakkuk clearly underlines the fact that our God is also a God of justice who did not turn a blind eye, but withdrew his support of Judah when his children continued to live in disobedience.

When we turn a blind eye

The Judaens were caught up in the evil practices of their pagan neighbours. They turned a blind eye on God’s principles. Similarly, as Christians, it is so easy to fall in line with what is the norm in the world’s eyes.

  • Is there perhaps a worldly norm which is causing you hassles? Perhaps you know that it is not in line with biblical principles and yet, it feels so good.
  • Are you perhaps in a relationship with someone who is leading you astray?
  • Are you battling with the dilemma of whether you should keep up a friendship in the hope of winning that person to the Lord, or break off the relationship because you are being led into things that are not glorifying to God?

Ask the Lord to pinpoint any of these areas that need to be repented of and to show you how to deal with any harmful relationships you may have.

As we bring this session to a close please carefully think and pray about what the Lord wants you to do during this period of lockdown in order to grow your faith and to share the good news about Jesus.

Over to you: Can you be specific? Name one thing you plan to do or work on during this coming week that will strenghen your faith. Share it in the comment section below.

P.S. If you haven’t yet read the background to the prophecy, please do. It will benefit you throughout this series of studies.